Group Introduction



        China TravelSky Holding Company Limited (hereafter referred to as “TravelSky”) is a central enterprise administrated by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). It is a solely-state-owned high-tech enterprise specialized in providing information service for air transportation and travel industry. TravelSky has a high quality workforce of more than 8000 employees, of which 82.73% have bachelor or higher degrees and 21.82% have master or higher degrees. Headquartered in Beijing, TravelSky has nearly 70 subsidiaries and non-holding companies nationwide and worldwide.

        TravelSky is developed from Civil Aviation Computer Information (CACI) Center with a history of over 30 years. In October 2000, Civil Aviation Computer Information (CACI) Center and all domestic airlines established TravelSky Technology Limited, which was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Exchanges with stock code 0696.HK in February 2001.In October, 2002, TravelSky was officially incorporated. In July 2008, TravelSky, with TravelSky Technology Limited as its core, completed restructuring of main business and assets, and went public in Hong Kong as an integrated enterprise.


        As a leading aviation and travel informational technology solution provider in China, TravelSky operates an information system that is listed as one of the eight major systems supervised by the State Council. TravelSky is the third largest global distribution system (GDS) in the world, and has the world’s largest Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) data processing center. TravelSky is awarded as a “China Top 500 Informatization Company” for multiple times and has 28 authorizations of national patent for invention. It is one of the first companies to gain the first-tier qualification of operation and maintenance of information system integration and service qualification. Since 2010, TravelSky was honored with “China Software Service Industry AAA Credit Company” and “China Top 10 Innovative Software Company” and many other awards.


        During the past more than 30 years, TravelSky has established four business information systems spanning ticket booking, departing, distribution and settlement, which as a whole has supported the informatization development of China’s civil aviation industry. Its services cover 300+ domestic cities and 100+ international cities. It provides technical supports and local services for nearly 40 domestic airlines, 20+ regional and overseas airlines, 220+ domestic airports, 140+ overseas airports, and 8000+ ticket agents. It has become the only large scale civil aviation business information system network that operates independently in a developing country and maintains sustainable development.


        Looking ahead to the future, TravelSky will stick to its development strategies and goals to achieve growth in scale and quality. It will strive forward to become a world-leading comprehensive information service provider.


Scale of Company



Approximately 60 subsidiaries

Under the market system of China Travel Sky, there are 10 branches, 19 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 13 holding companies, 9 affiliated companies, and the group also has 8 branches or subsidiaries in other types at home and abroad.


Over 7,000 agents

It provides technical support and local service for customers including 30 domestic airlines, nearly 200 regional and overseas airlines, and 7,000 ticket agents.


Over 400 cities

Its service range has been broadened into over 300 Chinese cities and over 100 foreign cities, and connected with social public service through Internet.



Scope of Operation


         The computer system and network system that TravelSky’s operates serve as nervous centralis in the industry and is an essential part of the production chain of civil aviation business. As the only enterprises that takes information service as its main business among those under State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, TravelSky provides air information technology services that consist of a series of products and solutions for global airlines, airports, ticket sales agents, travel enterprises, hotels, and relevant civil aviation institutions and international organizations, and is connected with social public service through internet. It main business includes: Information technology services for aviation, distribution, air freight logistics and public sectors, final settlement and liquidation services, distribution services for tourism products and augmented information and technology services related to the above services. After 30 years of development and improvement, a complete, rich and powerful information service line and a multi-tier service-oriented system for different customers have been established, greatly increasing the efficiency of industry players.


Development Vision






 TravelSky aims at becoming a leading provider of information technology and commercial services in civil aviation, travel, and transportation, and is devoted to becoming a world-class company with international competitiveness in addition to stabilizing the leadership in the Chinese market.


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